Providing quality domiciliary care training

We provide health and social care training to all of our domiciliary care support workers. We ensure that all support workers are fully equipped with the skills they need to deliver first class care to service user’s.

Whether you need domiciliary personal home care or dementia and Mental Health care, we have the care support workers who are trained to carry out care for service users who have all kinds of conditions.

We carry out all of our training in-house and we do not outsource training to other third party companies. The reason we do this is to maintain quality control over the health and social care training we provide, this ensures care support workers are thoroughly trained and equipped to deliver first class care. Here are a few photos of one of our training courses underway at our in-house training facility.


We teach and equip all of our care support workers so that they carry out the kind of care service users deserve. If you require any care for your loved ones or are a health care organisation that requires care support workers get in touch we can help.

We have over 100 care support workers working all over Cardiff and Wales providing first class care. Our packages that can be tailored to your requirements, we are reliable and have been established for 25 years working in the health and social care sector.

ProCare Nursing work with the following bodies ensuring we deliver high standards of care.