Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression


This course enables participants to understand, monitor and manage verbal and physical aggression in the workplace. There will be an initial 3-day course comprising of first day theory presentation followed 2 days of practical assessment. Which includes personal safety (breakaway techniques) and de-escalation and scenario based training.
The final day culminates with seated restraint and floor restraint including scenario based evaluations.

All physical intervention training is delivered inline with the Restraint Reduction Network guidelines and standards.

Course content:

  • Legislation & Policies and Guidelines
  • Understanding challenging behaviours
  • Positive Behavioural support awareness training
  • Preventative strategies
  • Violence and Aggression Cycle
  • Time intensity cycle – Rational and emotional cycles.
  • Monitoring and Medical interventions
  • Breakaway Techniques and personal safety (practical)
  • Dynamic risk assessing including de-escalation skills assessment.
  • Physical intervention techniques (practical)


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