Domiciliary Care agencies

ProCare Nursing is an award winning domiciliary care agency with over 20 years experience working in the care sector. We provide first class domiciliary care to clients all over Wales and Cardiff. We fully train all of our care workers in-house from our in-house training facility, we equip all of our workers to work in any given environment from residential homes to private homes and a whole wide variety of locations.

When considering which domiciliary agencies to use you have to be wise, the care sector is riddled with all kind’s of companies claiming to deliver excellent care but are actually in it to make a fast buck.

Here at ProCare Nursing we are different, we have a passion for providing quality care to all of our clients and the service user, that’s why we have been around for so long because of our passion to always improve and strive for excellence in the care sector.

So when considering which domiciliary care agencies to use here are a few things you can check to ensure you are dealing with a quality domiciliary care agency.

Have the domiciliary care agency won any awards?

ProCare Nursing have won awards. One of our qualified nurses Sara Wells picked up the award for “Excellence in Dementia Care”, here is Sara pictured furthest right with the award showing that we are an award winning agency that can be trusted to deliver first class domiciliary care.

Do the domiciliary agency have the facilities to deliver?

When you are caring for the needs of senior citizens and vulnerable adults you have to be organised, peoples lives are in your hands so you must always ensure that that carers are at hand to meet all of the needs of the service user. Here at ProCare Nursing we have all of the staff working behind the scenes ensuring clients requirements are met, here is our office.

Do the domiciliary agency carry out thorough in-house training?

We carry out all of our training in-house to ensure quality control. A lot of agencies have to outsource their care training to other companies or freelancers, the problem with this is you cannot oversee what training is being given and ensure that training is delivered to a high standard. Because we carry out in-house training we can equip our care workers quickly and ensure the training is of the highest standard.

We hope this has given you some good guidelines when considering what domiciliary agencies to use in Wales and Cardiff, contact us here at ProCare Nursing as we are the leading care provider in Wales and Cardiff with over 20 years experience and are happy to discuss any requirements.